We offer a holistic approach to solving wet basement issues utilizing both interior and exterior solutions, depending what is appropriate for your home. As you may find, our competitors don't offer a wide range of possible solutions. They offer only the single solution their company or franchise sells. We offer interior and exterior solutions. We also believe you will find better service from us, a local, family owned business rather than a national franchise. At our first meeting, you won't be meeting with a slick salesperson, you'll meet the business owner that will be performing and supervising the work proposed.

Sirni Bros. will look at your home and property as a whole. We have more than 20 years of experience solving drainage issues. Some of the considerations we will be discussing with you will include:

Exterior Evaluation
Are the rain gutters operating effectively? Where are the gutters directing rain water and is that sufficient? Is the soil around your home pitched properly to direct water away from the foundation? Are the footing drains around your exterior foundation operating properly? Can we improve on the foundation wall waterproofing? Is your property collecting excessive water from neighboring properties and can this be resolved with different drainage solutions?

Interior Evaluation
Is water coming from the basement walls or up through the floor? What is the condition of the foundation walls? Is there evidence of hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls? If there is an existing sump pump, is it effective? Does the sump pump require emergency back up power? Are older interior subfloor drainage systems operating properly? Is an interior pipe and stone subfloor system the best solution?

Some of the many solutions we have available:

  • Foundation water resistant coatings, both interior and exterior
  • Exterior footing drain installations or replacements
  • Interior subfloor drainage systems
  • Sump chamber installations featuring Zoll sump pumps
  • Sump pump replacements
  • Drywell maintenance and installations
  • Exterior pump chambers
  • French drains
  • Storm water, standing water, and ground water management solutions